• Our 7 Favorite Skin-Care Products for Acne Prone Skin!

    Everyone wants beautiful skin. When your skin looks good, you feel good! Since I have problematic skin, I have to make sure I maintain and follow a healthy skin care regimen that will keep my skin glowing & blemish free. Here's a pick of my fav skin products that you should definitely keep in your medicine cabinet!
    • Urban Skin RX - Clear Skin Cleansing Bar: I remember trying this and thinking wow...I have never had a cleaner that cleared my skin of breakouts so quickly. This cleanser is perfect for anyone with oily or blemish-prone skin. Gentle, yet effective formula helps to soften skin while deep cleansing pores and gently exfoliating skin to prevent blemishes. For combination and oily skin. 

    • Urban Skin RX - Even Tone Cleansing Bar:  I graduated to this cleanser a couple months ago and it has become my favorite cleanser!  It offers a blend of kojic and azelaic acids to help fight inflammation and promote even skin pigmentation. It's perfect for ALL skin types   

    * You can buy both facial cleansers from 

    • Banish Pumpkin Enzyme Mask: This mask is a miracle in a jar! It dries out acne & brightens skin, exfoliates, reduces the appearance of oily skin, & improves skin elasticity revealing healthy, glowing skin.  It also smells divine! 

    • Banish Vitamin C Beauty Elixir: If you ever need a boost to your skin, this spray will do it! It refreshes and hydrates during hot weather & works great to moisturize your skin during those cold days as well. It brightens your skins appearance. reduces redness, & tones skin. 

    * You can buy both facial cleansers from

    • Cetaphil Oil Control Moisturizer for Acne Prone Skin: What's better than an oil control moisturizer for acne prone skin that's also a sunblock? Uhm...Nothing that I can think of 

    *You can purchase this at any local drug store, Walmart or Target! 

    • Aztek Secret Healing Clay Mask: Known to be one of the most powerful clay mask. This is a deep pore mask that will definitely rid your face of all the oil and gook that causes breakouts. This clay is 100% natural! Mix with water or with Braggs apple cider vinegar and feel your face pulsate it's way into tighter pores and beautiful skin! 
    * This product can be purchase on or your local beauty  supply store. 
    • Shills Purifying Black Peel Off Mask: This mask has won superstar status on social media! It's the ultimate blackhead remover. This baby unclogs pores, removes pore clogging bacteria, and help promotes smooth skin.


    * This product can be purchase on or

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  • The Do's & Don'ts of Wearing Wigs

    Wigs are no longer just for your nana or auntie to wear at the family shindigs. It's no longer that little secret being kept in the deepest, darkest part of your closet on a wig head or hidden in that secret wig box. More women approve of  the quick versatility that comes with a wig. Since Adore Her Virgin Hair will be introducing our Crown Collection to our site soon, we wanted to give you tips on how you would rock your fabulous wig, just in case you bombshells aren't hip! 

    DO shampoo your wig before wearing it. *Tip: if it's a synthetic wig you can use a dish detergent and condition it with fabric softener.  Keepp in mind that synthetic is a fabric so, if you shampoo it like it’s real hair, you can ruin it. Clean it, and then let it hang to dry.

    DON'T wear a wig straight from the package, ever! Take your wig to your hairstylist to have it cut into a shape and style that suits your face. If you're familiar with the scissors, you can do this yourself. Be mindful that you still have to shape the synthetic wigs too.  

    DO get the most natural looking wig as possible. You want your wig to at least look like you have a full sew in. 

    DON'T wear your wig for too long. This is the biggest mistake most women make. Wear it for a week. At the most, two weeks tops! 

    DO keep the shape of your wig by placing it on a wig head after you're done wearing it. 

    DON'T wear a wig that is too bulky at the crown. Always remember the more natural looking the better! 

    DO try a u part wig if you're a new wig wearer. U part wigs are easier to pull off since some of your own hair is exposed. Just be sure that the wig matches your natural hair texture.  

    DON'T frequently use glue ! The glue will tear at your edges 

    DO make sure your forehead is free of all make-up and oils before you apply your glue on to secure your lace front properly. *Tip: Got To Be Glued Gel is the best to use! 




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  • 5 Must-Try Products To Maintain Your Curly Weave!

    If you are a hair weave lover, you know that proper care should be involved when it comes to any texture. But, for curly textures, maintenance is imperative!  Virgin curly hair extensions can be extremely high maintenance! Curly textures are not for the lazy at heart. You have to make sure your hair is properly moisturized to get the best wear and longevity from your curly hair extensions. Here are 5 of our personal best hair products to choose from when you decide to go all bohemian! 
    1. Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Conditioner - If your hair extensions are extremely dry, use this Cantu Beauty cream to help restore sheen, definition and moisture to curls. 
    2. Curls Quenched Moisturize & Curls Milkshake - This moisturizer can be used as a curl prep before styling, while the Curls Milkshake will help define, defrizz, and revive curls. 
    3. Mixed Chicks Leave In Conditioner - This product is designed specifically for curly hair! It helps define and moisturize curls. 
    4. Designer Essentials Deep Moisture Milk Souffle' - Designed to nourish and hydrate all curl types!
    5. OGX Morocan Argan Oil - Keep your curls from getting dry and looking fab with this product! Remember, a little goes a long way so only a dime size is needed! 

    Here's a little hair tip: Ran out of argan oil? Using a dime size of baby oil will stop the freeze and add a little shine to your curly weave! 


    Be Adored Ladies, and my your hair forever be laid....

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  • Our Favorite Hair Colors For Summer 2017

      It's all about the color, baby! Some love to live a little on the edge, slaying bold, beautiful colors. Others like it subtle. A hint of colors on the ends, a few streaks...Here are a few of our favorite colors for summer 2017 that I am sure would make heads turn. Side note: I am definitely going to have fun with my hair this summer #hairgoals.













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  • Hair Care 101: Caring For Your Hair Under Your Weaves...

        If you are a hair extension wearer like muah, you already know how to take care of them. You know the do's and don'ts that will keep your weaves fresh and full of life, but how about your actual hair underneath? If not taken care of properly, your hair underneath that fabulous weave you're wearing is susceptible to damage. Here are a few tips that will help you take care of your crown. 

    Buy 100% Human Hair. 

    Wearing synthetic fibers may be cost-friendly but it's not hair-friendly! Synthetic fibers can cause brittleness and damage to your real hair & even irritate the scalp. If you like to wear weaves, always purchase hair that is only made of 100% human hair. 

    Deep Conditioning Is Must!

    Always deep condition your real hair before applying a weave. This helps with your mane's elasticity, moisture, color, and overall health while wearing your weave. 

    All Net...

    Having your weave sewn on to a net is always better than having them sewn on to your actual hair. Attaching a weaving net can relieve some of the tension, it also makes getting to your scalp easier when washing and makes weave removal simple.

    So Fresh & So Clean...

    Just because you're wearing a weave, doesn't mean you can't clean your hair that's underneath. Not washing your hair can cause serious damage so, here's what you do: Part your weave into four sections. After parting you can loosely braid or bantu knot your weave.  Use a spray bottle with diluted shampoo and diluted conditioner to reduce buildup. Saturate each section then massage product into your scalp . Be careful with your weave to not cause tangling, DO NOT SCRUB! Gently finger comb in a downward motion while washing. When conditioning, use a wide-tooth comb to detangle. Rinse section by section, loosely wrapping back up in a knot when moving onto the next. When all product is removed, create four braids or twist. Then, sit under a hooded dryer so that scalp and hair can thoroughly dry.

    Don't Forget Your Edges & Scalp.

    Always remember to keep your scalp and edges oiled! The best oils to use to condition and  stimulate hair growth are jojoba oil, almond oil, and rosemary herb. Combine those oils in a plastic spout bottle (you can buy one from your local beauty supply store), then take the spout bottle and put directly on your scalp and squeeze...Please don't forget to oil them edges! 

    Give Your Scalp A Break.

    Give your hair and scalp some time in between before getting your next weave. I personally like to wait for a month or two before my next install. You can find awesome natural hair styles on Pinterest to wear in between your weaves. 

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  • 7 Black Make-Up Beauty Brands You Should Know!

    For women of color, finding the perfect make-up to fit our beautiful and unique tones are hectic! Here are some must-know brands that will put your mind and skin at ease! 
    • Black Opal Beauty:  For only $10.00 a pop, these foundation sticks have a soft velvet like finish and their color tones are damn near perfect for every woman of color! 
    • Fashion Fair: Created by Eunice W. Johnson, Fashion Fair is one of the first Black Owned Beauty Companies in the World & to this very day, still remains one of the best! 
    • Shea Moisture Make-Up: Known for their hair products, this company started a make-up line in spring of 2014. The colors are radiant with no toxins, parabens, synthetic fragrances, talc, mineral oil, pesticides, animal testings, or gmo's. If you haven't tried it already, it's definitely worth one! 
    • KA'OIR Cosmetics: Like Melt or NYX, these lipsticks come in all fun, bold, & daring colors! 
    • Iman Cosmetics:  In true shero form, she spoke out against racism of beauty brand placement in drug stores. She was told:"Black women don't wear foundation!" She showed them by not only creating her own make-up line, but also becoming a top seller! Fun Fact: She was the first to come out with BB Cream specifically for darker shades. EAT THAT!
    • Ginger + Liz Nail Polish: This widely shade range of nail polish is vegan-friendly, toxin free, and specifically formulated against chemical reactions. Pretty awesome! 
    • MDMFlow: The 24-year-old Florence Adepoju produces this amazing lipstick in her own parents shed! I love the elegance of the gold tube and inside the colors are even better. The name is even super cool! 

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