The Best Vitamins For Black Hair!

Having healthy black hair isn't a fad or trend! Taking care of our hair is a MUST! There are plenty of products on the market that claim to help aide in hair growth and health, but are they packed with the right vitamins/ingredients? Here are a list of the best vitamins that should be used to take care of our precious mane. 

  • Biotin: Is great in promoting hair growth. It's also water-soluble and supports healthy skin as well.
  • Amino Acids: Your hair follicles actually need a constant stream of amino acids for the best hair growth. Eight amino acids are necessitous for humans. The body cannot produce them by themselves and they have to be provided externally. They are: isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan and valine. 
  •  Inositol: Helps strengthen hair by ensuring that your hair follicles retain moisture.
  •  Zinc: This vitamin is very important for proper health and hair growth. It’s common for women to suffer from low mineral levels.

  • Copper: This vitamin is another essential mineral.  Copper aids in producing collagen and elastin, which are crucial for healthy nails, skin and hair.

Also remember, an overall healthy diet helps as well! Just using topical products will not promote healthy hair growth and elasticity alone. 

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