The Do's & Don'ts of Wearing Wigs

Wigs are no longer just for your nana or auntie to wear at the family shindigs. It's no longer that little secret being kept in the deepest, darkest part of your closet on a wig head or hidden in that secret wig box. More women approve of  the quick versatility that comes with a wig. Since Adore Her Virgin Hair will be introducing our Crown Collection to our site soon, we wanted to give you tips on how you would rock your fabulous wig, just in case you bombshells aren't hip! 

DO shampoo your wig before wearing it. *Tip: if it's a synthetic wig you can use a dish detergent and condition it with fabric softener.  Keepp in mind that synthetic is a fabric so, if you shampoo it like it’s real hair, you can ruin it. Clean it, and then let it hang to dry.

DON'T wear a wig straight from the package, ever! Take your wig to your hairstylist to have it cut into a shape and style that suits your face. If you're familiar with the scissors, you can do this yourself. Be mindful that you still have to shape the synthetic wigs too.  

DO get the most natural looking wig as possible. You want your wig to at least look like you have a full sew in. 

DON'T wear your wig for too long. This is the biggest mistake most women make. Wear it for a week. At the most, two weeks tops! 

DO keep the shape of your wig by placing it on a wig head after you're done wearing it. 

DON'T wear a wig that is too bulky at the crown. Always remember the more natural looking the better! 

DO try a u part wig if you're a new wig wearer. U part wigs are easier to pull off since some of your own hair is exposed. Just be sure that the wig matches your natural hair texture.  

DON'T frequently use glue ! The glue will tear at your edges 

DO make sure your forehead is free of all make-up and oils before you apply your glue on to secure your lace front properly. *Tip: Got To Be Glued Gel is the best to use! 




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