About Adore Her Virgin Hair

Adore Her Virgin Hair provides clients with 100% authentic, premium quality, virgin human hair and steamed textures that are made to order. Our virgin hair is unprocessed, raw, and free of harsh chemicals. Unless the hair is virgin hair, it's only steamed processed for texture. If it's colored hair, the hair is strictly colored by our top of the line specialists! 

The hair is cut from a single donor and carefully prepped by being washed and sterilized (chemical free), conditioned and then air dried. It then goes through a second process that examines the strands thoroughly to ensure we have the best quality of hair.

The cuticles are aligned in one direction. This ensures that the hair will be free of tangles with very minimal shedding (let's be honest here, all real hair sheds!) and that the hair will have longevity. Our hair will give you durability and versatility. You will be able to straighten, curl, cut and color as you desire.